Responsive design and mobile first

June 15, 2012


For someone who has been in the game for a long time now, from the days of 56k modems ‘shhrrkk shk shk shrrrrk’, gifs and tables to broadband, .pngs and divs to CSS3 and HTML5 – sometimes some things can take a little longer to acquire than I would like. I spend much of my […]

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The journey of Apple

December 15, 2011


Well I am on a train to Leeds and have just got the Apple wireless keyboard in the hope that I will be able to type a bit faster than when I use the on screen keyboard. At the moment this is proving a success albeit I occasionally drop a few letters as the trains […]

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The true cost of supporting IE

October 26, 2011


Recently, I was working on a client’s website and intranet, and it occurred to me that half of the work I was doing would not exist if IE7 and IE8 supported some of the basic CSS3 values that many modern browsers do. And before IE9 is raised, it’s still in beta and also requires the […]

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IPad 2 and MIDI

July 10, 2011


Since getting my iPad 2 I have been amazed and dismayed by some of the music apps that I am particularly interested in, namely synthesisers, drum machines and recording. GarageBand was the first purchase, and for all it’s limitations, it is clearly a highly crafted product over some of the other products. Not surprising as […]

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Apple failing on iApps to desktop app integration

June 28, 2011


Apple are seriously in danger of pissing off the professional crowd with inconsistencies and half baked offerings.  There is no doubt that Apple hardware for as long as they have been around have always been ahead of the crowd, though often at the expense of some features. If you wanted to mess with the hardware […]

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Ditching IE hacks for CSS3

May 12, 2011


It’s time that we as developers and web designers no longer take the flak for the shortcomings and blatant ignorance of Microsoft in it’s refusal to upgrade the CSS support in IE 7 and 8! As if the situation was not bad enough when dealing with IE 6, the ‘cool’ of web 2.0 (rounded corners) […]

Cracks appearing in the iOS v Desktop world

March 30, 2011


OK, I hope Apple is listening because they have a lot of work to do if they want to get businesses on-board and using their devices to help their workflow. Keynote It seems that the iPad is not just a post-PC device but a post “whatever your workflow was” device. I invested in Keynote for […]

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