Responsive design and mobile first

Posted on June 15, 2012


Rubber bands.For someone who has been in the game for a long time now, from the days of 56k modems ‘shhrrkk shk shk shrrrrk’, gifs and tables to broadband, .pngs and divs to CSS3 and HTML5 – sometimes some things can take a little longer to acquire than I would like.

I spend much of my time dealing with the now for clients, that sometimes the R’n’D falls behind. But having set aside some time recently and firmly plunging my foot into Responsive Design, I can see how web design could develop for the better – but also see that there are limitations/decisions still to make strategically depending on what you are offering.

I can’t expand on this any more right now – but will do once the fruits of some of my labours are available for show.

Needless to say – responsive design is a good way forward, and thinking about mobile first, can save a lot of time/create shortcuts to a few decisions.

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