Apple failing on iApps to desktop app integration

Posted on June 28, 2011


Apple are seriously in danger of pissing off the professional crowd with inconsistencies and half baked offerings. 

There is no doubt that Apple hardware for as long as they have been around have always been ahead of the crowd, though often at the expense of some features. If you wanted to mess with the hardware configuration of your PC then get a windows or linux box.

The attention to detail sometimes makes you think – they have really tested the whole journey/experience (remember the original iMac ad, where it could be setup and online in a few minutes with a few cables?)

I digress a bit only because I want to point out that though Apple seem to look at the round trip of the hardware they produce they seem to be leaving gaps in the round trip of their software products.


It’s true, Keynote from Apple could be a real killer when the desktop app is paired with the iPad app – but STOP!

It’s not that simple. I can forgive them for not having the full features of the desktop app on the iPad app but there are a few fundamentals that are really missing that now makes the purchase of any of the iWork apps seem pointless if you plan to build a presentation and show it / edit it on your iPad:

  1. You are restricted to a small set of fonts dictated by the iPad
  2. Why the hell can’t they allow us to transport fonts WITH the presentation? Adobe can in their Apps so long as that warning comes up about owning the fonts
  3. Why can’t I edit the templates on the iPad app? If I want to change the font in the template I can’t! I have to change them on every page
  4. There is no line-height control in the iPad app.

These are just a few that have come up recently, but I am sure there are many more.

It is just sooooo frustrating for a creative, especially as we deal with ‘branded’ presentations a lot which require custom fonts. Apple have effectively resided us back to our desks – we can’t edit or create presentations on the move or in the comfort of our settee.

iDisk – iCloud?

Should I even start writing about my historical frustration with iDisk. First of all, why couldn’t they give us some FTP access? The syncing of iDisk is soooo slooooow!! Will iCloud be any improvement? Well I am not sure about that. When you download apps and their updates they come down pretty fast – but then you paid for that. If you try and download free video content (like in iTunes U) it can take ages.

I finally found out how to get presentations on to my iPad using iTunes (which isn’t as simple as it seems) – you have to look under the right tab in iTunes and scroll down to see Apps that share files, then add the files then sync – what a chore!

The Apple is so strong that die hard Apple fans are pretty forgiving – but when Apple’s restrictions and lack of attention to details start to effect our timescales in production and in turn our ability to turn projects around, it grates – badly.

Apple – please take a look at these issues and fix them. What’s that I hear? Nothing.

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