Cracks appearing in the iOS v Desktop world

Posted on March 30, 2011


OK, I hope Apple is listening because they have a lot of work to do if they want to get businesses on-board and using their devices to help their workflow.


It seems that the iPad is not just a post-PC device but a post “whatever your workflow was” device. I invested in Keynote for the iPad as you would think that it would be the perfect tool for presentations. Could I open any of my lovingly created presentations straight off? NO!

Most of them were created in version 6 to 8 as I had only recently purchase version 9. No big problem. I open them and save down new versions.

Next problem. Fonts! Many custom fonts are used in keynote presentations. So tell me, how the he’ll do I deal with this on an iOS device?

Well apparently there is no way – and this is where Apple need to step up and be accountable.


Apple should allow us to add fonts that are either available to all apps or at leas apps that rely on specific fonts such as the iWork apps. This is Branding 101. If your company has invested in a specific font then there is no guarantee you can use it on an iPad. Once again you’re only alternative to maintain consistency is to compromise on the presentation and display it as a PDF or display the copy as imagery-which defeats the object.


As if the font issue was not frustrating enough. Now when I open an invoice I have created in Pages – it looses all merged cell formats and doesn’t allow calculations/formulas.

How much of an oversight is that? What on earth are they thinking at Apple. This is the sort of sloppy crap I would expect from Microsoft back in the day.

So I am gonna hit that ‘feedback’ button and hope that Apple sorts this one.

I am particularly thankful for the link above as it at least provides a starting point.

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